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The Partnership for 21st century Skills website is a neat source for teachers to keep an eye on. There are many resources and useful information on educating students with 21st century skills. Also one can find useful publications on technology on the website ,too. One of the things that I like about the site is that their design is full of smooth and welcoming colors. The navigation on the site is very clear and you can easily find what you are looking for. An addition to navigation could have been a search tool but right now the site is not very complicated so may be in the future they can make a use out of it.

I am surprised by the fact that the whole site information is about American curriculum. I would have appreciated if they had global information on 21st century skills for students all around the world. I would have visited the site more if they had an ongoing discussion board used by teachers. I support websites of knowledge when they are designed to share knowledge and let others comment on it.

If the site had a wiki I would have appreciated it more. It would give the viewers share their ideas and knowledge. It would also be more useful for the organisation to asses what they are encouraging eduactors about.

On their Route 21 site I found some useful links for our coming ‘Global Responsibility Day’. I found a video about ‘A Night in the Global Village: Role-Playing Life in Poverty’. I am thinking about playing this video on Global Responsibility Day. It also overlaps with our current UOI ‘From Nature to Field’. I can write a review about it in my later post.

Two more animations from Kindergarten

I am amazed by the amount of work and creativity you get out of kindergarten classes. As a part of storytelling UOI, kindergarten classes worked on animations. I uploaded one work a couple of days ago and this is the second upload.

[vimeo w=480&h=360]

[vimeo w=480&h=360]

Passwords are the same as before.

Stop motion animation in kindergarten

Last term I worked with kindergarten classes on stop motion animation as a part of our storytelling unit. Each class wrote their own stories. They created their own characters, designed their settings. We used Istopmotion software by Boinx for shooting the movie. For the voiceover we used Garageband software by Apple. And mixed voice over video in Imovie software by Apple. Here is one:

[vimeo w=480&h=360]

P.S. The password is karen.