Monthly Archives: February 2010

Reflections on integrating technology in the classroom

Walden University EDUC-6710I-1 ‘Integrating Technology in the classroom’ course helped me to integrate web 2.0 tools in my classroom. Although I am techsavy in many ways, I was hesitant to use some of the web 2.0 tools such as wikispaces and blogs. Me and my classmates designed and published a wikispace. We collaborated on design and content management. I personally get engaged with social networking sites such as facebook and twitter but rarely make a contribution. On my facebook profile there is no single photo that I uploaded myself. All photos I am tagged in are taken and uploaded by other people. Although I am a very social and sharing person in my real life, I find it hard to be open and engaged on the web. Being a part of a wikispace gave me the opportunity t be active for a start.

Being a graphic designer in my previous profession, I had a lot of chance to be engaged with web based integrations. The one and only personal project that I was engaged was a digital storytelling site that I designed and published called ‘istanbulstories’. If you look it up, you will see it has not been touched since I left Turkey. This may not seem relevant to what I am talking about but you will see.

One of the assignments that I had to complete was about creating a blog about education. I knew very well what a blog was as a fellow follower of many bloggers in many areas, but never intended to have one of my own. May be I am a bit reserved, who knows. Moreover I think my psychology is not to be discussed in this entry. I took a deep breath and took a risk, started my own blog. It was a bit awkward in the beginning. But I think I am used to it now. Sharing my thoughts and practices with other people gives me a lot of insight about the education world and my approach in integrating technology in the classroom. I am proud of myself that I took the risk and started it. I am happy that I was encouraged to do so.

One more tool that I started using was creating a podcast. I am a regular listener to some podcasts that I am interested in like ‘This American Life’ or ‘MetPod’. But I never thought that one day I would be to create a podcast of my own. I always thought that it would be an easy recording process. When I was working on mine I spent a lot of time repeating and editing. It was a bit of a challenge but I am glad I made it. Right now I am more confident and actually having fun writing in my blog.

I can continue to expand my knowledge in technology integration in the classroom by attending related workshops, following blogs and interacting with peers in education world. Throughout this course I gained valuable resources about integrating technology in the classroom.

I have two long term goals for integrating technology in the classroom. One goal is to successfully complete my masters studies. As I have limited access to working with students for the time being, this will give me the opportunity to achieve a full time position in teaching technology in the near feature. To achieve this goal I am aiming to produce as much work as I can produce with the current computer classes that I have with students. This will be a great experience and a good reference for my future positions in the education world. The second goal I have is to follow the new trends in technology and be in close touch with students. Being in touch with the new developments in the field, I will have more opportunity to create new projects and share knowledge with my students for their effective learning.