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Cambo Challenge here we come

On Saturday we had a pecha kucha night as a part of Bridging the Gap Conference. I was one of the presenters,too. Have a look at what I’ve done:)

2010 YISBTG Pecha Kucha – Elif Raskin from Yokohama International School on Vimeo.

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Bridging the Gap – Alan November, iPads, 1:1 and Team Tanuki!

Yesterday we had the first day of our conference called the “Bridging the Gap” in our school. I ran a breakout session on iPads. Have a look at it: all_about_ipads

And we had Alan November as our keynote speaker. We discussed web literacy and becoming a 1:1 school.

Have I told you that I designed the poster?

And most of all, I will be presenting in our “Pecha Kucha” night. My presentation will be about “Team Tanuki”. More about it later:)

Feel like I am a juggler, many things in my hands…

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Questions on my GAME Plan

This week I need to consider these questions on my GAME plan:

Are you finding the information and resources you need?
Yes, actually I have been very lucky and found a lot about ICT integration in my area. On top of that I will be meeting a lot of colleagues and leading a session on iPad integrations in the classrooms. Moreover we have Alan November visiting our school for a talk, that I find myself lucky that I wil have the opportunity to meet himand share my ideas.
Do you need to modify your action plan?
I think my action plan is going on pretty well at the moment. I am meeting people and exchanging ideas and expertise.
What have you learned so far?
I have learned that I need to be open minden, positive and willing to share.
What new questions have arisen?
How can I stop procrastinating? This make sme lose a lot of time. I can easily be distracted when I am reserching online. I start somewhere and end up i another place. I need to be more organized. I am not good at scheduling things. Have never been I guess. And when the deadlines arrive I get stressed and collapse. It is definitely not good!