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Revising My GAME Plan

This week I am revising my GAME Plan. The questions below will be my guideline.

What have I learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice?

I have learnt that although some teachers are resistant to new technologies, some might be extremely passionate. One of the challenges that I have is to balance the two opposite poles. While some teachers are running ahead, others fall way behind. I learnt to be patient and support the ones who are resistant with my knowledge and experience whereas I support the ones who run ahead with relevant resources to dwell into their passion.

What goals am I still working toward?

I am consistently working toward a better understanding of integrating technology in the classrooms. I am trying to find platforms where I can share my experience and learn more from others. I believe in personal interaction and support of colleagues. The first hand experience that we have is priceless and sharing enriches it.

Based on the NETS-T, what new learning goals will you set for yourself?

NETS-T talks about “facilitating technology-enhanced experiences that address content standards and student technology standards.” Based upon this statement I would like to set up a goal on developing an appropriate scope and sequence for IT in my school. Currently we have an outdated one and it needs to be updated given the fact that 21st century learners need to be supported with relevant technologies we need to have a close eye on this development.

If I am not ready to set new learning goals, how will I extend what I have learned so far?

I feel like I am ready to set new goals and support them with new professional development opportunities.

What learning approaches will I try next time to improve your learning?

I’d like to be a part of an online community of international teachers exchanging ideas and experience. We have an online curriculum center (IB OCC) where we can collaborate on our curricula, where we connect and share sample units. I have been a part of an online community on iPads but I am in need of more connections with the teachers all around the worls.


Evaluation of my goal

To evaluate my goals I asked myself a couple of quetions:
  • How effective were my actions in helping me meet my goals?

I think my actions have been very effective. I have communicated with my group of colleagues in my area and found out that the meetings that I want to go to will next be held in the spring. I applied for the Shanghai workshop and waiting for an answer from my boss on my attendance.

  • What have you learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice?

I learnt that although some teachers might be resistant to technology, in this way or another they come to terms with it and start using it. A good example is a teacher that I am working with who has been very reluctant on starting her own blog, suddenly last week decided to have her own blog, started it, using it and going to have a launch party next week to her parents’.

  • What do you still have to learn? What new questions have arisen?

I still have to learn to be patient and easy going. I need to be more organized in my lesson plans and commit to my schedule. I have to check all the tools that I will be using (laptops and iPads all charged, microphones working,etc.). And try to be in the classrooms a couple of minutes before the sessions start to make sure everything is working properly.

  • How will you adjust your plan to fit your current needs?

I think I need to add some notes and review my plan a bit. Generally my plan works and will continue to work as long as stick to it. I know that it is a flexible plan and it is OK to adjust it here and then a little.

Do you adjust your plans?

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