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Grade 5 Drama: Making a movie

Grade 5 has been working on their Science Inventions movies for the past two weeks. Mrs. Erickson showed the students how to layout a movie. They are practicing how to design a storyboard and make a movie by using iMovie. Today I was in their class and shot some photos. Watch the slideshow and see the new movie makers!

New semester, new schedule

In the beginning of every school year teachers receive their weekly schedules for the whole school year. I, on the other hand due to my working style (in and out of different grade levels at different times) everyday, have to sit down and design my own schedule. In a way it gives me freedom of planning my whole schedule the way that I would be comfortable with. On the other hand I had difficulties the past year booking slots for grade levels when they needed. Sometimes I had to reject them and say that I am booked for another grade level for the whole week, or so. While this was hapenning, the schedule cahnged and changed and even I couldn’t keep track of it. BUT this school year thanks to Google Calendar’s new feature ‘Appointment Slots’ without me trying to fix my schedule the teachers can easily book my free time and everyone will be seeing where I am that day and what I am doing. Isn’t that amazing? I’m loving it!

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The worlds largest stop motion animation

I am a big fan of stop motion animation. Last year I worked with three kindergarten classes on animation projects. Hopefully this year we will have more.

This is my latest inspiration: The worlds largest stop motion animation

And here is how they shot it: