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Learning 2.011 Reflection

Photo by Clint Hamada

Attending the Learning 2.011 Conference in Shanghai was a great opportunity for me to meet the other Elementary ICT facilitators and make connections with many teachers and professionals on educational technology from all around the world. I was in the cohort of ‘ Empowering Teachers’ with Alec Couros and Jeff Utrecht. I had a great time sharing my experiences and collaborating with my peers. I gathered a lot of tips and tricks in integrating technology in schools. I have seen different practices and implementations that inspired me and gave me a lot of ideas. Apart from attending my cohort meetings during the two days, I attended many workshops. I have attended an unconference about unplugging, a workshop on flattening classrooms, one on digital publishing and one on film making. In Elementary School digital storytelling has a big place and I have integrated animation projects in classes, sometimes using iMovie, Keynote, Photobooth,etc. In this workshop I had the chance to get more detailed lesson plans on filmmaking and a new editing tool; Final Cut Pro X. The workshop was run by Eric Pessoa who is the IB Film teacher in SCIS. He filled us in with his extensive knowledge on movie making. He walked us through step by step his IB Film class. You can find the details of his presentation and useful documents about his practice here. It was a great opportunity to travel abroad and attend the conference with my colleagues Brian Farrell, Kim Cofino, Rebekah Madrid, Trevor Kew and Zoe Page. In between workshops and cohorts we met and had great discussions about the integration of technology in our school. Moreover being there as a group of teachers presenting YIS was a great experience. Seeing our teachers presenting, discussing and sharing showed me how successfully we integrate technology in our school. The presence of YIS was a great addition to the conference.

Rumblings about integrating technology in Elementary Classrooms: A Day with Elif & Shanel

On Monday Shanel and I ran a PD on integrating technology in Elementary Classrooms. We had Chris Betcher as our guest speaker, he shared the ICT integration in his school. After that we covered the IT’/Library standards in YIS and the ICT in PYP. 8 teachers from different grade levels shared their experience in ICT integration in their classrooms in a speed geeking session. In the afternoon we talked about the upcoming Digital Citizenship week in April. Grade levels gathered up in groups and designed a ICT integration lesson with the tools that they have learned today for an upcoming UOI. In our last session Chris showed us how to use Scratch. It was a great day! Thank you ES teachers for your valuable sharing and Chris for your presentations.

PD with Elif & Shanel on PhotoPeach

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Kindergarteners can do a lot of things

KC has been working on a Voicethread for sharing what they can do and today we finalized it. It was a pleasure working with them, they did a great job. Please have a look at what they have and done and leave a comment, they will love to hear from you! (Comments are being monitored by their teacher.)

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