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Cyberbullying Sessions 2 with Gr.4&5

Last week I ran the second half of the Cyberbullying sessions with all Grade 4 and 5 students. We watched the additional interviews with the characters in the ‘Let’s Fight it Together!’ Movie. The classes formed 4 groups of 4 students for each character. Each group asked questions about their character to the rest of the class. As there are five main characters (KIm, Joe, Rob, Mum and Teacher) in the movie, I took on the left over character. I gave them the chance to randomly choose a character. Interestingly I was Joe a couple of times:) Watching interviews and asking the questions led into very nice discussions between students. Regardless of age or grade difference all the students were very well engaged and led very detailed discussions. I can proudly say that they all got the idea of cyberbullying being the same with bullying. They were very angry with the Kim character (the bully) and agreed with Rob ( his friend / bystander) that they can be in the same position with him. They seem to get the idea and if they need any help on cuyberbullying, they are ready to share it with their community.

Well done Grade 4 and 5! You are my Cyberstars! 




Last Day – I made it Happen!!!!

Today is the last day of the course I’ve been working on for 6 weeks: PYP Making it Happen!

My PYP journey started back in 2008 when I started working in a PYP school. I have learned a lot of the curriculum reading the PYP Making It Happen booklet, having discussions about it with my colleagues. (Luckily I worked with a lot of workshop leaders.) This is the first year that I could able to take the course due to not being able to attend the regional workshops. This workshop made some of the concepts that I was wondering more visible. But most of al I think it made me question ICT integration in PYP as I am the ES ICT Facilitator in my school.

I have been a part of  the discussions, forums and most of all shared my thoughts and practices with other teachers from around the world. On the other hand I can not say that it went smoothly for me. I have studied online for two years before and I  think I can make some comments on the delivery method. I found it very confusing trying find my way around this course. The design was very tricky. A lot of the time I found myself lost in documents and forums. The layout was not  user friendly. I wish it was a bit easier to navigate through the site. The timeline was too long to be engaged in with. I  would have found it easier to digest if it was delivered in a moe compact time line, 6 weeks for PYP Making it Happen is too long. I don’t know if it is necessary to read that much amount of articles. What I found very helpful during the course was the day that we met our mentors in an hour meeting. Meeting the people who are taking the course with me at the same time and having our mentors around a table, discussing and sharing our thoughts about the curriculum was very enlightening.

Overall, although I am not particularly happy about the delivery method, no matter what, each and every PYP teacher needs to take this course. I would recommend a weekend workshop rather than an online one though.

Thank you for the IB to make it available for us online and support us teachers who can not attend the workshops. I would like to have another online PYP workshop expecting it to be better designed and delivered.

Let’s Make PYP Happen!

Photo by St. Andrews Lutheran College

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One Day on Earth Movies

On 11.11.11 5B students and I became a apart of the One Day on Earth Project. We recorded what we have doe on that day.
5B recorded a day of a YIS Student and I recorded myself building a hanging garden on the bare wall across my desk at school.

Here are the two videos: