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Ad Campaign Songs

4G students made a couple of songs for their ad campaigns. They used Garageband and Podbean as tech tools. Please listen to them:

Kai’s songRead more!
Listen to this episode
Dont smoke! Song by Reina & Julynn
Listen to this episode


Grade 4 Ad Campaigns

Grade four is working on their UOI How We Express Ourselves. Their summative assessment task is to create an ad campaign of their choice.  Students worked in groups for this project. For these projects they created podcasts, movies and posters by using GarageBand, PodBean, iMovie and Keynote. A few of the examples form 4N:

 Saving Water by Shion and Brazil


Less Homework Please by Kianna, Charlie and Shoichi


 Eat Healthy Video by Viktoria


Tsugaike Kogen Snowshoeing

Another weekend in snow, snowshoeing in Tsugaike Kogen, Nagano. The day before we started this hike we met a couple of snowshoers on their way back and asked if they would give us any tips about the area and asked if they had any maps. They generously shared their experience and gifted us their own trail map. We followed their map and had a wonderful day up on the mountain tops with beautiful blue skies and sun. And this time Kate recorded the trail on Everytrail App on her iPhone.

We walked for 4hrs.16min, had a hot chocolate and lunch stop on our way. The view of the mountains were spectacular.

Tsugaike Kogen Snowshoeing Trail Map

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