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Stand up! Sitting is killing you!

Stand up now!


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Another trip to Ishinomaki

Nearly a year ago with some of my colleagues and volunteers from Peaceboat, I had the chance to spend 3 days and volunteer in the Tsunami striken Ishinomaki. We worked in the cleaning of the houses and gardens by digging mud. Volunteering, working from early i the morning till night helping people was a great feeling, not that I only was helping people but also helping myself. I became more cautious of the things I have and the people in my life.

This year with the organization of American Chamber of Commerce I will be spending this weekend in Ishinomaki volunteering. In the eve of this weekend, I would like to share two videos with you. One is called ‘Then and Now’ by Paul Johannessen and the second one is called ‘Yoshi’s Coffee’ by Mackenzie Sheppard.

Then and Now


Yoshi’s Coffee

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Watched the movie and made some notes. Hope they make sense to you:)

Confusion of artist and audience

Everyone thinks that they can write a novel, play in a band,create,etc…

World is covered with mediocrity, everything is medium, everyone can make medium music,etc.

The creative world is destroyed…

All we have is cacophony

Artists have the power

Shortage of digital talent -no

they want to work in their own environments and use their own tools

too much happening

talents can work by themselves

they can have their own brand


artists are self managed

you cn be limited to software’s capabilities

we are bound by human limitations

the guys who direct also design

anybody can do anything

different approaches because people are coming out of a different perspective

make it happen do it yourself

you don’t need an organized team

more free, more alchemic the components come together



no formal training in the professional world

nothing prepares you

you learn things by yourself

adam watson cinematography student – working on a music video

we can not teach today’s technology – we can teach them to how to tell stories , be comfortable with the fact that technology is changing every single year

digital revolution on the creative end

you don;t need to know the essentials or the details of the technology you are using

we can fix just about anything

the craft is no longer necessary

the craft of making art is gone!

sterile precision

there is no vulnerability or imperfection anymore

perfect digital art

no beauty, humanity

kids need to adopt to anything in the future!

Time place and occasion

People ‘s interaction with media has changed with Napster

Music is a stream of Noise – Anne Hilde (Wired)

Always do smith while you are listening to music

the way of listening to music more destructive

incredible attention deficit culture

time place and occasion will be far more important in music & art

you are a fan as long as you go to the show

the actual experience is more valuable

recorded music feels cheaper now

a live show happens just once

how to stand on the stage and make a connection with the audience

this is the best shot you’ve ever got – Seth Godin

expect the unexpected

we are all operating in the dark – it is fun

things are constantly shifting


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