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Lake Motosu walk and canoeing

A day trip to one of the Fuji 5 lakes, Motosuko…

I want to share a great day trip from Yokohama/Tokyo area that I’ve been on with my friends. Please enjoy…

For a beautiful day around a lake with Mt. Fuji views, you need to wake up early and get on a bus… But believe me it’s worth it, you will have a great day, outdoors! It takes 2.5 hrs. to go to Kawaguchiko from Yokohama by bus. We took the bus at 7am. You need to reserve your tickets before hand though you pay when you board. The driver has your name on a list and takes the cash right there and then. It is 2.000 yen for one way. ( a bit expensive but better than taking three trains early in the morning, believe me.) The bus stops at rest stops along the way where you can find clean toilets, some nibbles and a  little bit of shopping. The comfortable journey ends in Kawaguchiko where you need to take bus to Motosuko (Lake Motosu). The bus from Kawaguchiko station is not frequent, I would recommend checking the bus schedule with the Kawaguchiko Tourism Bureau. We took the 9.28 bus to Motosuko. It took us nearly 50 min, to reach there. It’s so beautiful out there… One note for lunch or snack shopping: We couldn’t find a nice market or combini to buy snacks from. They sell yakionigiri in front of one of the omiyage shops but wouldn’t recommended as the guy opens up a plastic bag of precooked onigiris and heats them up in the microwave oven.

We walked around the lake towards the sightseeing spot from where you can see the image of Motosu Lake at the back of a 1000 yen banknote. We were not very lucky this time. Fuji san did not show its face to us, just a little glimpse behind the clouds:) Walk from the bus station to the viewing spot around an hour and a bit more. Right after the viewing spot you come along the campsite Koan where we had lunch (soba, udon and tempura) and rented our canoes. This campsite apart from renting boats, kayaks and canoes rents out cabins and has a site to camp on. The canoe rental (Canadian) was 2.000 yen / canoe/hr. – quite reasonable I think- The lake is the deepest and clearest lake around Mt. Fuji. We canoed around the shores. It was difficult to row to the middle as the right hand side of the lake is very windy ( so windy that there was a windsurfing competition going on at the time we were there) We had to stay close to the shore. I would definitely recommend canoe rental at this lake.

Heading back to the starting point (Motosuko Bus stop) takes around an hour and 40 mins or so. We needed to walk and run the last bit and hitched the last bit to catch the last bus at 16.55. be careful to catch the bus, the driver gets angry when you are late, oooppss!!! Getting back to Tokyo and Yokohama takes more or less around three hours by trains. I wouldn’t recommend it. If you need a return bus, you need to buy your tickets in advance. (Do it, it’s worth it and it’s way cheaper than the trains back.

We did use Everytrail to track our route, you can check it below. And some pictures of the day… Enjoy! (I did:)

Our trail map:

EveryTrail map by Kate Buehler.


Photos of the day: