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Shiga Kogen Snowshoeing

This morning Angela, Kate, Kristine and I had a snowshoeing trip. We took the first bus from Ichinose to Hasuike and met our lovely guides in the information center. These ladies were sixty years old and the most energetic women I’ve seen for a long time. They had red matching outfits and beautiful smiles. We have started our trip from the information center, along the lake Biwa and Maru lake and summited Asahiyama mountain.

Check our trail we recorded using Everytrail

And our photos:

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Digital Citizenship Assembly

5B reflected on their skype connection with the NIST students

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Digital Citizenship Week – Behaviour

Third day of Digital Citizenship Week started with a session in Google Sites in 5W. As a part of their exhibition presentation, they would like to learn how to build a website. WE have started with the basic structure of building a site. When it came to uploading media on the site, we had a discussion of fair use of creative material. We watched a video by Creative  about copyright. Students are keen to work with ccsearch building their websites.


Next door to 5W, students of 5B were skyping with grade 6 students from NIST in Thailand. Their discussions were about being a good digital Citizen. Please have a look at the below  link  for a reflection blog post by their teacher. 5B students also commented about digital citizenship, on their blog since they were communicating with them. The NIST blog holds all the students’ reflections–YIS and NIST. Students are trying to get commenting going on both of our blogs as much as possible.

3L worked on how to build Pages documents today. When they came across with the challenge of using photos from the internet, they had a look at the creative commons website, watched the video and started using the ccsearch site.

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