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Grade 2 is tweeting!

Photo by the Daring Librarian

As a part of their UOI How we organize ourselves, 2C started using twitter . They first set up their account with their teacher and named themselves @yis2c. In our school all the elementary classes have their nicknames start with yis and follow by their class initials. We looked into hashtags, what they are for, how to follow other peopl. How to write a message and how to keep it short.

So far they have tweeted two messages and replied to one from another grade 2 class. To support them, I have tweeted out their attempt and asked the other grades to communicate with them. Looking forward to how this project will roll on in this grade level.


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Scratch classes start again!

Second term of the after school activities started last week and the very first one is Gaming with Scratch. Last term scratchers were very good at learning all the tools and reviewing the the games on the Scratch website. They even started creating their level game called ‘ Escape the Test’. Some of the levels are done and some are stil in progress. For more information on the game please have a look at this blog post:

This term students are as enthusiasctic as the last ones, they have already accomplished a lot . Looking forward to playing a YIS Scratch game soon!


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