Monthly Archives: February 2014

A weekend well spent – batik workshop with David Kibuuka

Last weekend I spent two days in a Batik Workshop run by David Kibuuka. He is a well known artist of his Modern Batik Style pieces of art. It was a great opportunity for me to spend two days learning a new technique and working with a new material : fabric!

Since I came to Africa, I have been fascinated with the beautiful patterns and designs of the African printed fabrics. And it is everywhere, on each and African woman, babies, tables, curtains, cushions, cars, etc. It is nearly impossible to think of Africa without these beautiful, flamboyant variety of colors and patterns.

For the design that I have worked on, I have enlarged a geisha print form the book A Year in Japan by  Kate T. Williamson and combined it with another great artist Sarah Markes‘ illustration of a Duka (small shop) illustration from her book ‘Street Level’. These two figures, the Geisha and the Duka are a resemblance of my life at the moment. I feel like a Geisha, a presentation of fragile beauty and entertainment in a Duka, the heart of the street culture in Tanzania. I love the collage technique and implementing it in a modern art piece was a great experience.

Thank you David! for the creative and peaceful weekend!