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Cyberbullying Session 2 in Grade 5

This week we have followed our Cyberbullying session by watching the interview clips of the characters who take place in the Let’s Fight it  Together movie. We have watched Kim,Teacher, Joe’s mum, Rob and Joe’s perspectives. After the clips, we have divided the class into five groups and each group focused on  one character and created a poster. At the end of the session we have played the Digizen Game.

Cyberbullying session in IST Grade 5 on PhotoPeach

The Bully – Kim

The Teacher

The Mum

The Bystander

The Target -Joe


During the Learning 2.014 Conference I gave a Learn2talk. The title of my talk was Connected to Change.  The idea of this talk came to me after being bombarded with the world’s biggest news agencies everyday with the news of Ebola. (I am still being bombarded and so you are!) This talk is my take on to change the perception of Africa from a negative one to a positive one. Please have a look at it below:

And please tweet out good things about Africa using the #connected2change hashtag!

Cyberbullying in Grade 5

Last week, as a part of our Digital Citizenship Curriculum, in Grade 5 we started inquiring into Cyberbullying. We are using the ‘Let’s Fight it Together’ resource by Digizen. We watched the movie below and had discussions about what cyberbullying is , what are the differences between bullying and cyberbullying and how to stop it from happening.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.43.17 AM