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Makers Afternoon

Last Sunday I have invited my friends over for a Makers Afternoon at our place.

makers afternoon invitation_Page_1Illustration by OH My!

I asked them to bring their own materials to work on their projects. Here in Tanzania, we have a lot of beautiful African fabrics. They are called Kanga and Kitenge. With so many colors and patterns, it is impossible for a person with an eye for design not to get a bunch and start tinkering about ways to use them. In the past year, I made various sizes of cushions, covered the couches and dining chairs and latest but not last, I made some lovely pyramid shaped door stoppers:) I am not the only one who is bedazzled by the colorful world of Kanga and Kitenge. Apparently without any exception, everyone who attended the Makers Afternoon, came in with a basket full of fabric:) The best part of the afternoon was the chilled vibe and the chatter that filled the room. Every one of us was focused on making our projects and in the mean time chatting to each other. Some of us left with a finished product whereas some others had a long way to go. A great way to finish up a lovely weekend. I highly recommend it!

I have made a chopstick holder for Jamie. I used the design of a previous one that I bought from Japan and copied it to some colorful kitenge material. Jamie said he liked it. Here you go:)

Becoming a PYP Workshop Leader

In November, I spent a weekend in Istanbul for my PYP Workshop Leader Training.

Why did I become one? Good question…

Since I moved to Tanzania, I have been asked to run a lot of workshops on different ICT subjects, from ICT in PYP to Digital Citizenship and Balance,etc. What I have realized all throughout my session was that actually I have never been trained to be a workshop leader. I have simply adopted what I have seen over the years of attendance to other people’s  workshops and tailored my own. I have always been curious how the presenters got prepared for the workshops, what their priorities were, etc.

As I have suspected, I learned a ton of tips and tricks about presenting to a crowd, setting up and getting ready for workshops. The first thing that I have learned was to be extremely detailed and have a back up plan and a back up plan for the back up plan as well:) Differentiation, mentoring, facilitating and coaching were the words that stayed with me.

IB2Moreover I met other educators, professionals who were also on the same boat with me. We have quickly formed a little group and started a communication channel, built a website for our resources and got to know each other well. In the near future, these people have a high potential to be my partners in crime delivering PYP workshops in our region:)

IB1The workshop was full of hands on applications, activities and performances. I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot. Now I am looking forward to delivering my first assignment:)

Infographics in Grade 5

Grade 5 students have started visualizing their data using infographics. For this exercise, they have used the website called <a href=””></a>.