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Sketchbook Project 2015

It’s been a long time since I last blogged… Lots of new things happening… And I feel like I am busier than ever… Biggest event of this spring is the fact that I amĀ leaving Tanzania after living here for two years. Leaving comes with a lot of to do lists. And I ticked one recently…

One of the things that I have done before I left my previous posting in Japan was to design a sketchbook for my years in Japan. It was a tribute all the years that I have spent in this beautiful country and I called it ‘Five Years in Japan‘. My sketchbook has travelled 36 cities and madeĀ 21251 miles around North America. So I added a sketchbook to my leaving ‘To Do List’ and designed one for my years in Tanzania. I have completed and sent it to the Sketchbook Project on the second week of April. Now it is on its way to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York. Hopefully if it makes it there on time, my sketchbook will make it to the World Tour 2015 launch on May8. (fingers crossed) How exciting!!!

Before the tour, a sneak peek here for you:

Two Years in Tanzania from Elif Atali on Vimeo.

You can follow the sketchbook project on Twitter @sketchbookproject

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Code Monkey Island Game

TMI members played the Code Monkey Island board game and reflected on their learning.