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ECIS Tech Conference

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.58.38 PMThis year, I had the chance to attend the ECIS Tech conference in Munich. It was hosted by a  great team of educators at the Bavarian International School. Over the course of the couple of days that I have spent there, I had the chance to connect with educators from around the world and share expertise.

I must say I have been deeply inspired with what is going around in International Schools in Europe. This was  a pretty important conference for me in terms of meeting my colleagues in Europe because Jamie and I are moving to Switzerland next year.

The bits that I have been inspired and moved by were mostly about the Maker Movement in schools. I have learned a lot from the experiences of Mark Shillitoe, Francesca Zammarano and Johnson Jacob. Mark has set up a pop up makerspace and gave a presentation called Make Space for MakerSpaces where he talked about creating spaces for making in the school environments as well as the concept #Techxture.

Francesca talked about the Colaboratory initative in her school (UNIS NY). I want to work in a Makerspace!

I learned how to make an app using Appshed with JJ!

JJ presenting Appshed

Kim Cofino Opening Keynote

Another great thing about this conference was that I got to present a workshop about the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship. It was a great opportunity to get to work with a bunch of teachers from different schools and exchange ideas and practices.

Please find my resource site here.

Overall, it was a great conference and I had a very good time sharing and learning!