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Makerfaire Berlin

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Have I told you that I am into the maker movement? I bet I did, that’s what I have been talking about for the past two years, I guess.

Another great opportunity for me, coming up soon: The Makerfaire in Berlin!!! Come, join me at the Makerfaire next weekend!


Google Summit Zurich

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I spent my weekend at the Google Summit at the Inter-Community School. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the educators in the region and also a chance to present two workshops. On Saturday I delivered a workshop about Google Projects, finding more about what Google is all about, not only a search engine or apps. But a company which invests in projects to improve education and our lives. Please check put my presentation below and find more about the projects:)

My second workshop was about Fostering Digital Citizenship in K-12 Environments. During my workshop we dug into the nine elements of Digital Citizenship and had fun with the Digital Citizenship Metaphor Show down and the Game Show. The attendees won special prizes at the end:)

I had the chance to attend many great presentations and workshops by colleagues.

Mark Dilworth @giesummit #zurich

Mark Dilworth‘s presentation ‘Adopting Google Apps: Strategies for Change’. He gave us tips on how to make the chamge happen in a school giving his experience at ZIS.

Katie Williams @giesummit #zurich

Katie Williams’ workshop about Integrating Google Analytics for Students’ Websites was great. Now I can see who you are, where you are visiting my site from and even what kind of device you use. Thank you Google Analytics:)

Copil Bogdan showed us how to use Goo Create for 3D modelling. Awesome tool, definitely will use and create some 3D designs, soon. Follow me:)

Overall, I had a great weekend, learning, sharing and networking! What would I want more?:)


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A week @ Makerkids

Summer is a great time for professional development for me. I like spending a couple days or sometimes weeks focusing on concepts that I am interested in without trying to fit it into my daily schedule of work. Last summer I spent a couple of days attending the ISTE conference and this year it was a week in a makerspace. A very special one actually, a makerspace designed for kids only! I spent a week in Toronto at Makerkids, one and only makerspace for kids.

It was a great opportunity, to be able to spend quality time being a part of a makerspace. I was also very lucky because the week I spent there was the week of a sampler summer camp. Each day the kids had the opportunity to dig into a different subject. Monday was Robots, Tuesday 3D Printing, Wednesday Minecraft, Thursday Rube Goldberg Machines and Friday was Video Production.


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