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Wonderful Exhibition

Every year as a part of Grade 5 Exhibition, I volunteer to be a mentor to students in Grade 5. This year, I mentored a group in Zurich International School. My exhibition group was focusing on the central idea “Poverty can challenge people’s ability to access education”. They called themselves the Super Educated Monkeys and did a research about their inquiry. Along the way they used a lot of websites and human resources. They interviewed a librarian in Tanzania and wrote emails to various organisations. They gathered a lot of information and extended their understanding and knowledge about their subject throughout the weeks. On their exhibition night, all well dressed and prepared, they presented their findings at their booth. They talked about what they have learned and what their actions would be. I am very proud of this team of students. I learned as much as they learned throughout their inquiry. A couple of days after the exhibition, I received a “Thank You” Presentation form them It made my day. Please find it below:

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Maker workshop for teachers @ Zurich International School

On March 3, 2016 I delivered a Makers Workshop for the teachers in ZIS. It was a great opportunity for teachers to have hands on experience in making.

Turning one of the classrooms into a Makerspace, allowed them to explore how teaching and learning take place in a Makerspace. One corner as a Makers’ Library, one corner for sewing, one corner for carpentry, another for tools and resources and two tables to be used as workspaces were set up.

Makers’ Library

Maker Workshop @ZIS

Sewing Corner

Maker Workshop @ZIS

Resource Center

Maker Workshop @ZIS


Maker Workshop @ZISMaker Workshop @ZIS

First of all, I asked each teacher, the moment they entered the classroom a question: “Would you prefer the past or the future?”. This allowed me to divide them into two table groups. I started my presentation by going over what Maker Culture is and where the Maker Movement finds its place in the classroom. I followed this by reading a paragraph from the book ‘ Time Traveling with a Hamster‘. As you might have guessed, it is a children’s book about time travel. I asked the future and past teams to design a 3D interactive poster to promote time travel to the past or the future. Their posters were awesome! They had deep conversations around the tables viewing each groups’ final product. This not only gave the teachers the chance to make something but also sparked conversations around the value of making in education. The feedback I got from the teachers was great! They said it was a great opportunity for them and they learned a lot!

Please have a look at the photo album of the whole workshop below.
Maker Workshop @ZIS

Do you think Maker Culture has a place in education? Let me know what you think:)


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A week @ Makerkids

Summer is a great time for professional development for me. I like spending a couple days or sometimes weeks focusing on concepts that I am interested in without trying to fit it into my daily schedule of work. Last summer I spent a couple of days attending the ISTE conference and this year it was a week in a makerspace. A very special one actually, a makerspace designed for kids only! I spent a week in Toronto at Makerkids, one and only makerspace for kids.

It was a great opportunity, to be able to spend quality time being a part of a makerspace. I was also very lucky because the week I spent there was the week of a sampler summer camp. Each day the kids had the opportunity to dig into a different subject. Monday was Robots, Tuesday 3D Printing, Wednesday Minecraft, Thursday Rube Goldberg Machines and Friday was Video Production.


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