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Open House Tips for Parents

Yetsrday morning we had our first ICT Workshop for the parents with the title of Introduction to Digital Citizenship. We had a big attendance which made us very happy!

Thank you parents for joining us today!
We started our workshop with a video by Commonsense Media ‘Rules for the Road for Parents’, had a discussion about what Digital Citizenship means and what its nine elements are. We continued our workshop with Cyberbullying with the support of our counsellor Ms. Jaeger and watched the video ‘To This Day’ by Shane Koyczan. We shared our SMART rules and answered some questions.

Please find our presentation and SMART rules below:


Making Twitter Visible

Grade 2 has been trialling Twitter for the past month. Homeroom teacher Ms. Czubak and I decide it is time to ask kids what they think about Twitter and prepared three questions.

1. What is the purpose of Twitter?

2. What are some examples of things that you would tweet?

3. How do you use Twitter?

Then we asked them to give us the answers using a black marker on a piece of A4 size paper.

And this is what we have:


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Twitter in the classroom

Grade 2 has started tweeting…

This week they have started their communication with other elementary classes. They have asked a couple of questions and waiting for their answers. They found out that they have a follower (me:) and sent me some tweets, too.

After the session is over I had a change to have a chat with the Kindergarten teacher Ms. Cowdy. Her class (KC) has been tweeting since the beginning of the year. She has offered her kids to visit grade 2 classes for a twitter session. Grade 2 students are looking forward to the session. Yey!

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