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Roman Architecture @ISKK PYP

Venus Class worked on Roman Architecture in line with their unit on the Roman Empire. Students explored different needs for architectural structures. They inquired into how these structures are built, what kind of materials and techniques were used and why they were built.

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Becoming a PYP Workshop Leader

In November, I spent a weekend in Istanbul for my PYP Workshop Leader Training.

Why did I become one? Good question…

Since I moved to Tanzania, I have been asked to run a lot of workshops on different ICT subjects, from ICT in PYP to Digital Citizenship and Balance,etc. What I have realized all throughout my session was that actually I have never been trained to be a workshop leader. I have simply adopted what I have seen over the years of attendance to other people’s  workshops and tailored my own. I have always been curious how the presenters got prepared for the workshops, what their priorities were, etc.

As I have suspected, I learned a ton of tips and tricks about presenting to a crowd, setting up and getting ready for workshops. The first thing that I have learned was to be extremely detailed and have a back up plan and a back up plan for the back up plan as well:) Differentiation, mentoring, facilitating and coaching were the words that stayed with me.

IB2Moreover I met other educators, professionals who were also on the same boat with me. We have quickly formed a little group and started a communication channel, built a website for our resources and got to know each other well. In the near future, these people have a high potential to be my partners in crime delivering PYP workshops in our region:)

IB1The workshop was full of hands on applications, activities and performances. I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot. Now I am looking forward to delivering my first assignment:)

Scratch classes start again!

Second term of the after school activities started last week and the very first one is Gaming with Scratch. Last term scratchers were very good at learning all the tools and reviewing the the games on the Scratch website. They even started creating their level game called ‘ Escape the Test’. Some of the levels are done and some are stil in progress. For more information on the game please have a look at this blog post:

This term students are as enthusiasctic as the last ones, they have already accomplished a lot . Looking forward to playing a YIS Scratch game soon!


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