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Maker Workshop for kids @ Fablab Winterthur

Just before the Christmas holiday, I helped Dorit and Christian @Fablab Winterthur for a maker workshop with kids. Christian recently wrote a code for a 3D printer to print cookie cutters. He prepared all the instructions on a nice piece of paper. All the kids who attended the workshop had one. The session started with us sharing some examples with them and helping them creating  their own designs. They all chose different designs and executed their designs on computers using  Inkscape software and exported the designs using Christian’s code to Cura. It was a great experience for kids to see their 2D drawings shaping into 3D objects.

Fablab Winterthur runs various workshops for kids and adults. Please find more information here:

2D to 3D

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with KidsFablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with KidsFablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Final cookie cutters all together:

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids

Photo Album for the workshop:

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids

Fablab Winterthur


Address: Verein FabLab Winti, Lagerplatz 13, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

Twitter: @fablabwinti

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During the Learning 2.014 Conference I gave a Learn2talk. The title of my talk was Connected to Change.  The idea of this talk came to me after being bombarded with the world’s biggest news agencies everyday with the news of Ebola. (I am still being bombarded and so you are!) This talk is my take on to change the perception of Africa from a negative one to a positive one. Please have a look at it below:

And please tweet out good things about Africa using the #connected2change hashtag!

Making Twitter Visible

Grade 2 has been trialling Twitter for the past month. Homeroom teacher Ms. Czubak and I decide it is time to ask kids what they think about Twitter and prepared three questions.

1. What is the purpose of Twitter?

2. What are some examples of things that you would tweet?

3. How do you use Twitter?

Then we asked them to give us the answers using a black marker on a piece of A4 size paper.

And this is what we have:


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