Light Painting with ISKK PYP Students

Venus Class started the second term with a fabulous project. As a part of their unit of inquiry into drama, students decided to have a project on light painting in our Art and Design class. We decided to focus on the concepts movement, balance and pattern. We also listed which tools we would like to use. One of the tools is a torch. We had a discussion about what its parts are and what is its purpose. Under the light of our discussion, they all drew parts of a torch. Later we had a gallery walk and had a chat about what each others torches looked like and how they functioned. This week we are planning to dig deeper into our unit and look into other tools such as LED lights and glow sticks as well.

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Communication Box project by ISKK PYP Students

In Venus class, we worked  on designing and building a communication box for ISKK during our first term. The students decided to make small size sculptures of themselves and combine it with a purposeful communication box  design for the whole school.  First we started with brainstorming about how it would look like. We followed by creating dotted patterned designs for some parts of the box as a part of the Dot Day on September 15 and lastly this week we put together all our creations together. Please have a look at what we have been doing for the past weeks in the below slideshow.

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Continuous Line Drawing with ISKK MS

This week we started our lesson with a continuous line drawing session. And we continued with line weight drawing.

A continuous line drawing is done using a single, unbroken line to develop the image.Many lines make the artwork look like an unfinished artwork.

Lineweight is a term that describes the relative ‘weight’ – strength, heaviness, or darkness – of the line against the background or support. It is governed by the pressure on your drawing tool as you make your line – whether this is decreasing or increasing the pressure on the tip so that it leaves behind more or less medium – or altering the angle so that more of the tip is in contact with the paper.

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