Personal Statement

Education and Technology have been in my life so long, it’s surprising that I didn’t bring them together earlier.

From my background in design, I moved to education. I began steering IT integration at Tokyo IS and launched my master degree, studying educational technology. Two years on, I moved to Yokohama IS to work as the Elementary ICT facilitator. Finally I joined IS Tanganyika. In all schools my mission has been the same, to support teachers, students and parents to deepen understandings through the purposeful use of technology.

Working with teachers, I learn about units of study, then support authentic integration, enhancing student learning and inquiry. I model classrooms practices and run tech training sessions, introducing tools and supporting each teacher’s personal learning.

Working with students, I lead or support tech experiences in the classroom, and work with individuals or small groups on projects with tech elements. At YIS, I implemented an iPad program in lower elementary and in upper elementary developed programs for Digital Citizenship and cyber-bullying. At IST I’ve introduced student Google accounts, as well as a new Digital Citizenship Curriculum and am currently working on a Chromebook pilot. After school, I coordinate a Student Tech Team who offer teacher support and work with students in our Design Tech-based Makers Club.

With parents, I run tech training sessions, supporting them with tools their children use. This facilitates purposeful interaction as student learning is enriched by parent interaction.

Across the school, I’ve developed Library and IT standards and have supported the introduction of 1-to-1 laptop programs.

As a lifelong learner, I attend conferences on technology and inquiry as a participant and a leader. I am an active member of the communities in which I work, organizing events such as the Flat Classroom Conference 2012, East Africa Google Summit 2014 and recently taking a leadership role at Learning 2.0. I am also an IB Workshop Leader.

I enjoy the way my passions have joined. I maintain a lively, positive attitude and work to build relationships on the basis of open communication. I am confident, but flexible and collaborative, and try to learn from mistakes.

I’m excited to see what challenges I may encounter. My profession is one that is evolving. Just as educators adapt for each student, I remain open to new technologies and ways to enrich student learning. I maintain a strong professional network and reflect on my practice through my personal and professional blogs. Please visit them!

I look forward to hearing about other stimulating environments, and would love to communicate with educational leaders to see what we may find together.

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