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Cyberbullying in Grade 5

Between Sept 24 and Nov 19 with the collaboration of our Elementary School Counselor, we have run cyberbullying sessions in all three Grade 5 classes. Ms. Kumamoto started with physical bullying and I continued with cyberbullying in the coming weeks. We started the sessions by reminding the students of the sessions we had last year when they were in Grade 4. After going over the movie we watched last year, we wanted the students to focus on the tools that were used for bullying in the movie. (cell phones, websites, chat, etc.)


Following up we divided the class into four groups and asked them to choose one of these tools. After they chose their tools, we asked them to write a story on bullying/cyberbullying. This story would soon become a movie.

In our following sessions we asked them to put this story into a storyboard and the last few sessions were on shooting and editing their movies. They have done an exceptionally good job.

You can find their videos here:


Bye Forever

The Ball Accident


Cyber Bully


Enemy to Friends

Bully Movie

The 2 Boys Fight


Cyber Bullying

You can also check out our rough plan for the weeks and reflections.



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Brilliant movie for cyberbullying

I have been passed this cyberbullying video created by students for other students. I would highly recommend you have a look at it.

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Cyberbullying session 1 with Grade 4 students

This morning was a special morning for 4M students as Ms. Kumamoto (our counselor) and I went into their class and talked about cyberbullying. I shared a presentation that I prepared for them with questions on their usage of the net, where they go, what they do, how they communicate with their friends. Quite a good amount of them have online presences, using websites like Club Penguin or the Moshi Monsters.¬†They communicate through their cellphones, iPads, iPhones, computers and laptops. They use gmail, gtalk and skype for chatting with each other, friends and family. They had a clear idea of what bullying is but could not draw a certain line to the concept of cyberbullying. They could not decide if it is serious issue or not. As a complimentary we watched the short movie, Let’s Fight it Together!.We had a brief discussion about what was going on and we will continue our session in detail next Monday morning. Well done Grade4, great discussions this morning.

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