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Continuous Line Drawing with ISKK MS

This week we started our lesson with a continuous line drawing session. And we continued with line weight drawing.

A continuous line drawing is done using a single, unbroken line to develop the image.Many lines make the artwork look like an unfinished artwork.

Lineweight is a term that describes the relative ‘weight’ – strength, heaviness, or darkness – of the line against the background or support. It is governed by the pressure on your drawing tool as you make your line – whether this is decreasing or increasing the pressure on the tip so that it leaves behind more or less medium – or altering the angle so that more of the tip is in contact with the paper.

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A morning with Picture Books

On Sunday morning, I volunteered for our school’s weekend workshop for kids in our neighbourhood. We read picture books and did a drawing activity at the end. The event was organized by my colleague Eddy Jones.I read a book written by a famous Turkish writer, Aziz Nesin.It was called ‘The Dance of the Eagle and the Fish’. The story is about the love of the king of the skies Kartal and the queen of the seas Balik. I read one page in Turkish, Christian (YIS student) read it in English and Emily (YIS student) read it in Japanese. We read the whole book page by page in three languages. I like the opportunity to share my native language as I have very limited opportunities to speak it in my daily life. After the reading session, we moved to the auditorium and made drawings inspired by the illustrations in the book. It was a great morning working with local kids, my hands all covered with crayons. Thank you Eddy for giving me this opportunity:)

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World in a picture book, a set on Flickr.

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