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Wonderful Exhibition

Every year as a part of Grade 5 Exhibition, I volunteer to be a mentor to students in Grade 5. This year, I mentored a group in Zurich International School. My exhibition group was focusing on the central idea “Poverty can challenge people’s ability to access education”. They called themselves the Super Educated Monkeys and did a research about their inquiry. Along the way they used a lot of websites and human resources. They interviewed a librarian in Tanzania and wrote emails to various organisations. They gathered a lot of information and extended their understanding and knowledge about their subject throughout the weeks. On their exhibition night, all well dressed and prepared, they presented their findings at their booth. They talked about what they have learned and what their actions would be. I am very proud of this team of students. I learned as much as they learned throughout their inquiry. A couple of days after the exhibition, I received a “Thank You” Presentation form them It made my day. Please find it below:

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Maker Culture in Education

For the last couple of years, I’ve been digging into the place of the Maker Culture in Education. Knowing my interest in the subject, Zurich International School invited me to be a part of their “Maker Research Group” as a part of their innovation projects. We started our research at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. In our group we had representatives of different departments of the school. Art, Library, Technology and Classroom teachers of various grades had the chance to meet, brainstorm, collaborate and research together. As a former technology coach and maker enthusiast, I took on the role of connecting the group with the other educators who are into maker culture and practice making in their schools. As a result of research our group leader John Butcher (Grade 4 teacher) wrote a reflection piece. Please take a look and read it here.

Another interesting piece during our research was the survey we conducted amongst a group of educators from around the world. You can view my presentation about the results in the below presentation.

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