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Grade 5 Skype Connection with Mark Wood

This afternoon Grade 5’s had a great chat with Mark Wood, the polar explorer who is at the moment in Mount Everest Bas Camp getting ready for his descent. As a part of his expedition he connects with schools and classes from all around the world. Grade 5’s as a part of their Exhibition Unit on Passion have applied to have a chat with him and has been selected by him. As well as the chat we had today, Mark will be in contact with the classes t the end of his journey when he gets back to England.

During our conversaton today, Mark told the students about his expedition and introduced us his team mates,  Peter the doctor and Marc the cameraman. 3 students asked questions to him and he replied enthusiastically. Mark and Kai even had a Skype Virtual Handshake! he talked  about his passion fo climbing, what kinds of gear he has with him and what challenges he came across so far.

The students, teachers, admin and some reporters from Japanese Media were all very excited to have this great oppportunity to connect with an explorer on his way to the world’s highest mountain!

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Digital Citizenship Assembly

5B reflected on their skype connection with the NIST students

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Cyberbullying in Grade 5

Between Sept 24 and Nov 19 with the collaboration of our Elementary School Counselor, we have run cyberbullying sessions in all three Grade 5 classes. Ms. Kumamoto started with physical bullying and I continued with cyberbullying in the coming weeks. We started the sessions by reminding the students of the sessions we had last year when they were in Grade 4. After going over the movie we watched last year, we wanted the students to focus on the tools that were used for bullying in the movie. (cell phones, websites, chat, etc.)


Following up we divided the class into four groups and asked them to choose one of these tools. After they chose their tools, we asked them to write a story on bullying/cyberbullying. This story would soon become a movie.

In our following sessions we asked them to put this story into a storyboard and the last few sessions were on shooting and editing their movies. They have done an exceptionally good job.

You can find their videos here:


Bye Forever

The Ball Accident


Cyber Bully


Enemy to Friends

Bully Movie

The 2 Boys Fight


Cyber Bullying

You can also check out our rough plan for the weeks and reflections.



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