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Maker Culture in Education

For the last couple of years, I’ve been digging into the place of the Maker Culture in Education. Knowing my interest in the subject, Zurich International School invited me to be a part of their “Maker Research Group” as a part of their innovation projects. We started our research at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. In our group we had representatives of different departments of the school. Art, Library, Technology and Classroom teachers of various grades had the chance to meet, brainstorm, collaborate and research together. As a former technology coach and maker enthusiast, I took on the role of connecting the group with the other educators who are into maker culture and practice making in their schools. As a result of research our group leader John Butcher (Grade 4 teacher) wrote a reflection piece. Please take a look and read it here.

Another interesting piece during our research was the survey we conducted amongst a group of educators from around the world. You can view my presentation about the results in the below presentation.

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Scratch classes start again!

Second term of the after school activities started last week and the very first one is Gaming with Scratch. Last term scratchers were very good at learning all the tools and reviewing the the games on the Scratch website. They even started creating their level game called ‘ Escape the Test’. Some of the levels are done and some are stil in progress. For more information on the game please have a look at this blog post: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/scratch/2013/02/11/designing-a-scratch-game/

This term students are as enthusiasctic as the last ones, they have already accomplished a lot . Looking forward to playing a YIS Scratch game soon!


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Cyberbullying in Grade 5

Between Sept 24 and Nov 19 with the collaboration of our Elementary School Counselor, we have run cyberbullying sessions in all three Grade 5 classes. Ms. Kumamoto started with physical bullying and I continued with cyberbullying in the coming weeks. We started the sessions by reminding the students of the sessions we had last year when they were in Grade 4. After going over the movie we watched last year, we wanted the students to focus on the tools that were used for bullying in the movie. (cell phones, websites, chat, etc.)


Following up we divided the class into four groups and asked them to choose one of these tools. After they chose their tools, we asked them to write a story on bullying/cyberbullying. This story would soon become a movie.

In our following sessions we asked them to put this story into a storyboard and the last few sessions were on shooting and editing their movies. They have done an exceptionally good job.

You can find their videos here:


Bye Forever

The Ball Accident


Cyber Bully


Enemy to Friends

Bully Movie

The 2 Boys Fight


Cyber Bullying

You can also check out our rough plan for the weeks and reflections.



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