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How to be an explorer – Day 2/3/4

After an extraordinary week, I am proudly uploading my finding for the past few days…

On my second day I found a wooden Mickey Mouse with one ear sitting on the ground.

Right after I found it I bumped into my neighbour and fellow colleague David at the train station. We started brain storming about what it can be. We looked at it closely and saw that it was made out of wood, pretty small in size and very well used (paint on it was chipped). It can sit on a flat surface comfortably so David  said it looks like a chess piece. A piece from a wooden miniature Mickey Mouse Chess set? I doubted… He offered to check if there are chess set with MIckey Mouse on it using his iPhone. He googled the key words; chess, Mickey Mouse, wooden and there it was… A lot of wooden chess sets… But unfortunately none of them were like our little buddy here. So we decided to look at the piece closer and closer. And we found a little hole at the top of his head. It was a decoration piece for a phone… I knew it! It was a nice morning seeing, thinking and wondering, talking about utterly different things than work.

 On my third day, I found a pine needle on the hill to the school.

It was a bright sunny day and the sky was bright blue. You know why I am giving you these details? Because when I found the pine needle, I looked up to the sky to see where the pine tree is. And surprisingly I saw that the tree is a couple of meters tucked away from the little road that I walking on. Seeing that, it made me think and wonder how this little needle came down to the road. A strong wind? Children shaking the tree? Fairies? Moreover it reminded me of my childhood when my friends and I sat down under a very old pine tree and made coasters out of pine needles. I still have the smell of the fresh air in my mind…

On my fourth day, I found a silver nail on the road in my neighbourhood.

I was coming back from school and got my bicycle out of the parking lot  where it was sitting for the past few days and paid 500yen! It was getting dark and I was tired. Looking down, I was walking my bike for a while when the silver sparkle caught my eye. Ohh, what a great find! A little nail tucked in the gutter…  I started looking at it closely, it was at most 1.5 cm long, had a pointy end and there was a cross at the top. First I thought it might be a part of a bicycle. I thought if it is found close to the bicycle park, there might be a relation. And it made me wonder which part of the bicycle it came out from? Did the bicycle continue continued to work properly after losing a part? May be it was a apart of a car. But do cars have as small parts as this one? I think this find will remain a mystery for me…

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Inspirational People

In the past two weeks I met a couple of very inspiring people.

It all started with Sarah Olsen the adventurer. Secret note: I’ve always wanted be an adventurer but thought they only existed in adventure books:) She came to YIS for a talk about her amazing around the world trip. She started in London last year and she will end up in London in September. She is traveling by only manpower. You should see her she is a strong woman, not only physically but also emotionally. She is planning to leave Japan in April and will be on the crazy Pacific Ocean all by herself paddling without stepping a foot on land. She is traveling solo and doesn’t have any escorts along the way either. But you should meet her, what a woman, full of energy, humor and lots of fun. Wherever she travels to, she visits schools and tells the kids about her journey, lots of interesting stories, kids love her. She has a website where she blogs at least a couple of times a month and you can also find lesson plans on Science & Living Things. She says she wants to be a teacher in the future and I want to be an adventurer:)

Following her visit the same week I met Michael Ymer. I am on the second half of the 30s spectrum and you know what, he is the first Maths Teacher I’ve ever had. I can not describe ever having had joy in a Maths class all my life. In high school I remember having hiccups for a whole forty five minutes lesson. My stomach couldn’t take the stress. The weekend workshop I’ve had with Michael Ymer gave me an amazing feeling of confidence and I had fun, for the first time trying to solve a maths problem. Most of all he was a great teacher. The way that he taught us how to teach maths was so efficient. The best part was that he reminded us, the 21st century learners, to leave our laptops at home and do everything by hand. He gave us notebooks and pencils, rulers and dice. He advised us to be hands-on and be by our students’ side. Walk around in the classroom, be a part of the learning. Don’t give the kids problems and dive into your emails while they are working on projects. I loved it! I am totally refreshed!

Good luck dance

‘As a bonus I watched a great good luck dance in front of the market. What a nice day it was!’

I  met my third inspiring person in Kinokuniya Supermarket in Omotesando. Although I don’t know his name, he inspired me in creating. He is a paper maker, a very special handmade paper called Sekishu Banshi. He was demonstrating how he makes it. At first I did not understand what it was all about. After a quick tour around the market and on my way out near the demonstration table I saw this video. It was a descriptive movie on how they make paper. Apparently this paper is the strongest Washi (Japanese Paper) in Japan.

For more information please visit their website. Sekishu Washi Kubota

I guess it is time to handcraft, create, make …

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My Brilliant Brain

Today I was sick with this cold, you see… And what do you do if you are stuck at home glued on the couch? I don’t know about you but I usually prefer to watch a movie cuddled in blankets on the couch. I found this movie the other day while I was looking for my upcoming Virtual Reality workshop for BTG. It is called ‘My Brilliant Brain’. So I gave it a try, wow what a crazy two hours I had… I learned a lot about how our brains function, how we can train them at an earl age, what happens after you have a brain aneurism. I like the perspective of looking at the brain as a place not fully discovered place. I did not know that we could be able to manipulate kids learning in a certain way till they reach the age three that could lead them to be experts on the subject they are trained on. I highly recommend it!

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