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Makerfaire Zurich: Call for Makers is open now!

A6 Flyer_frontWhat is a Call for Makers? Basically it’s an invitation to come show your stuff at the event. We ask you to fill out a form telling us about what you’d like to show at the Faire, so we know who you are and we can keep track all of you, and we choose as many as we can fit to exhibit on September 17th &!8th.

But who is a Maker and what kinds of exhibits are appropriate? Pretty much whatever you make or do that you’re passionate about, as long as it’s something you can easily share with others. Maybe you and your child have made a box car, and would like to show it off. Maybe you make hats and mittens out of old sweaters you’ve felted. Maybe you’re an artist and the traditional gallery venue doesn’t really fit the scale or the mood of your work. Maybe you teach dance and you could teach it to a crowd! Or maybe you have a half-finished project in the garage that is just itching for a deadline… This is your great excuse to get out the tools or the knitting needles or whatever it is you’ve been neglecting!

Your Mini Maker Faire submission can be a display of something you’ve done, an activity you offer to do with kids and adults. But we are also looking for performers, teachers, and arts, crafts, as long as they fit the theme.

If you would like to participate as a maker or workshop leader please fill the form below:

Call for Makers



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Maker workshop for teachers @ Zurich International School

On March 3, 2016 I delivered a Makers Workshop for the teachers in ZIS. It was a great opportunity for teachers to have hands on experience in making.

Turning one of the classrooms into a Makerspace, allowed them to explore how teaching and learning take place in a Makerspace. One corner as a Makers’ Library, one corner for sewing, one corner for carpentry, another for tools and resources and two tables to be used as workspaces were set up.

Makers’ Library

Maker Workshop @ZIS

Sewing Corner

Maker Workshop @ZIS

Resource Center

Maker Workshop @ZIS


Maker Workshop @ZISMaker Workshop @ZIS

First of all, I asked each teacher, the moment they entered the classroom a question: “Would you prefer the past or the future?”. This allowed me to divide them into two table groups. I started my presentation by going over what Maker Culture is and where the Maker Movement finds its place in the classroom. I followed this by reading a paragraph from the book ‘ Time Traveling with a Hamster‘. As you might have guessed, it is a children’s book about time travel. I asked the future and past teams to design a 3D interactive poster to promote time travel to the past or the future. Their posters were awesome! They had deep conversations around the tables viewing each groups’ final product. This not only gave the teachers the chance to make something but also sparked conversations around the value of making in education. The feedback I got from the teachers was great! They said it was a great opportunity for them and they learned a lot!

Please have a look at the photo album of the whole workshop below.
Maker Workshop @ZIS

Do you think Maker Culture has a place in education? Let me know what you think:)


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Maker Workshop for kids @ Fablab Winterthur

Just before the Christmas holiday, I helped Dorit and Christian @Fablab Winterthur for a maker workshop with kids. Christian recently wrote a code for a 3D printer to print cookie cutters. He prepared all the instructions on a nice piece of paper. All the kids who attended the workshop had one. The session started with us sharing some examples with them and helping them creating  their own designs. They all chose different designs and executed their designs on computers using  Inkscape software and exported the designs using Christian’s code to Cura. It was a great experience for kids to see their 2D drawings shaping into 3D objects.

Fablab Winterthur runs various workshops for kids and adults. Please find more information here: http://www.fablabwinti.ch/kurse/kalender/

2D to 3D

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with KidsFablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with KidsFablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids
Final cookie cutters all together:

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids

Photo Album for the workshop:

Fablab Winti Xmas Workshop with Kids

Fablab Winterthur


Address: Verein FabLab Winti, Lagerplatz 13, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

Twitter: @fablabwinti

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