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One Day on Earth Movies

On 11.11.11 5B students and I became a apart of the One Day on Earth Project. We recorded what we have doe on that day.
5B recorded a day of a YIS Student and I recorded myself building a hanging garden on the bare wall across my desk at school.

Here are the two videos:



One Day on Earth Movie

On 11.11.11 I became a part of the One Day on Earth Project. I built a hanging garden and made movie of it. I finished my movie and uploaded it on the website, now it’s time to wait what’s going to happen next:) By the way my garden is growing everyday. Thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to create a little garden:)



As a part of the One Day on Earth project, today I built a hanging garden on the ugly wall I had in front of my desk. It is not the most beautiful one but it’s pretty. Today it poured all day. I had to work under the crazy rain, I got all soaked. My friend Angela helped me with the design and the shooting of the photographs. It’s been an unforgettable experience:) I am hoping to get the pics together into a video and submit it soon. Hopefully my little garden will grow into a beautiful one in the following months. Fingers crossed:)


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