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Parent Tech Morning for Grade 1 Parents

This morning I ran a technology workshop with Grade 1 parents about the tools that their kids use in their classrooms. We started with the blogs of 1S and 1Y. We talked about what the appropriate ways of commenting are. I reminded them about quality commenting. They did a great job that later on Ms. Saito (1S) came down and said that she had a lot of comments on her blog to approve, she was very surprised to see a lot of parents blogging. After commenting on the blogs, parents created their own ¬†accounts on Voicethread. Grade 1’s already started working on their voicethreads on transportation systems. The parents are going to comment on the voicethreads when they are published next week.
It was such a lovely morning!
Thank you for joining me this morning grade 1 parents!


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Tech Sessions for Parents in Elementary

Two weeks ago on a Friday morning I ran a workshop for the Kindergarten Parents on getting familiar with the tech tools that their kids are using. I showed them how to leave a comment on the class blogs, contribute and add comments on Voicethread and how to create a Google Reader account. I had around 10 parents who showed up and they said they really benefited from the workshop. As it went all well, I decided to run the workshops for all grade level parents on the following weeks. As the IT department we are offering the whole school parents a tech workshop once a month. Although it is well received and the attendance is quite high, I noticed when the workshops are tailored for specific grade levels, the attendance and the focus get higher. I am looking forward to the workshop with Grade 1 parents this Friday.

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